Reporter Ji-Won Ryu(Liew) & Korean member of Congress Ryu Seongbeom

{Police Daily}Reporter Ryu Jiwon = I would like to introduce Dr. Sarayu ( Korean name Ryu Seon-hee ), a Korean female politician who came out as a preliminary candidate for US Congressman ( Republican ) in the 33rd district of California, USA.


In 1998, the first Korean member of the United States House of Representatives Kim Chang-Joon ( Republican ) retired from the US House of Representatives for about 20 years. Currently, two members of the US House of Representatives have been elected.

However, it is a time when politicians who want to convey the voices of many Korean Americans to American society are desperately needed.






 Dr. RYU  studied business administration, law, accounting , philosophy , English, and non-profit organizations in the United States. While working as a pastor , Dr. Ryu was not satisfied with working as an educational evangelist at the church . He is one of the longest working partner presidents at vantiv (bendives) npc (npc) worldpay (WorldPay), the world's top company, although it is not easy to work for a company for 24 years in general. It is operating.

Dr. Sararyu believes that her current job is her vocation, and by working for a world-class banking company in the field of high-tech finance, she learns a lot of skills and experiences, and through the opportunity to meet many business operators, how much business influences this society and is her pledge. She said her experience in saving the economy and creating jobs could have an impact on many people in the future as a congressman.

Since she has been learning for 24 years and working to create jobs for so many people, she said that if she becomes a member of the House of Representatives in the future, she will actively cooperate in creating many quality jobs and helping the bosses who run the business.

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Dr. Ryu received a Ph.D. in business administration from Pacific Business School, majoring in international trade and high-tech e-commerce finance. At Newburgh Graduate School, Dr. Ryu studied cause relationship marketing that enables non-profit organizations and for-profit organizations to work in cooperation. He received his Ph.D. in preaching from his Ph.D. in Marketing Philosophy and the difference between his leadership through the preaching of Jesus and his influence on leadership cultivated through public speaking by politicians at New Newburgh University.
Dr. Sararyu is also a brilliant student who studied at Harvard Business School and School of Education.
In particular, the Business School is a process where only top executives who have worked as top managers for more than 15 years and who are recognized for their contributions to society are gathered to study. They majored in the leadership skills of entrepreneurs and the principles of leadership and were recognized as experts in that field.


In addition, she has a variety of academic, social service, and work experience, including an accounting expert course at Yusi University of Berkeley and a lawyer course at Abraham Lincoln School of Law. She has sufficient skills and experience to solve difficult issues in the community if she becomes a congressman in the future. Is a ready candidate with.
In addition, while running a vocational training college, a non-profit organization, it is running a non-profit organization that helps many founders and trains various experts through the operation of a school that produces many job creation, business, and investment experts. Homelessness problem solving, tax indemnity, real estate problems, medical benefits, elderly problems, and various pledges for early retirees are available on the website ( https://www.drsarahliewforcongress.com ).
The primary election will be held on March 3rd, US time. Many of our compatriots in the United States ask for support and cooperation so that Sarayu can become a member of the House of Representatives. Currently, more than 50 English-speaking volunteers are 12 hours a day. The above has been in contact with 100,000 non-partisan 120,000 voters more than 5 times through phone calls, e-mails, and text messages .

The candidate said that he hopes that this will be an opportunity to elect a politician who speaks out the voice of Koreans and raise the status of Koreans through active voting among Korean American voters in District 33 in the federal House elections held until March 3rd.


Reporter Ryu Jiwon, the Police Daily

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