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Why do I run?  It is a mission from God. 



Who influenced the decision to run for the candidate of Congressional District 33?


I would like to introduce the best leadership models I met through my life and who influenced the decision to run for the candidate of Congressional District 33.


My first leadership model is the Almighty God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, who created the heaven and earth and who blessed America, and sacrificed His life for sinners and who guides every step of our life.


The second leadership model is my family members who have dedicated all of their lives to serve our homeland and nation as community leaders.  Their outstanding track record working for American economic growth and education as CEOs, professors, and political leaders has encouraged me to push myself to be the leader that I know our community and country needs. 


The third leadership model is the community leaders whom I have served through many non-profit organizations, churches, hospitals, schools, and universities.


The fourth leadership models whom I have met and have been serving with the communities are the entrepreneurs, politicians, educators, and investors. 


 The answer to God's calling 


Many people are struggling in various parts of society and a lot of them do not receive enough support; people with hardships still remain looking for help. As a result, many citizens who are unable to find a job are turned into homeless people and live a miserable life. During research through YouTube, I have seen not only adults but also homeless children and youth living bloody and hungry on the streets. 


As an education pastor, non-profit owner, and K-12 educator, I have been devoted to improving young children’s education and youth vocational training and leadership. I began to worry deep in my heart about young children and youth’s future. 


My concern for many citizens of the United States and the problems of the homeless have brought political and economic circles to finding real leadership of political leaders.


As a citizen and a head of operations of a non-profit organization, I believe that the problem of the homeless should be seriously addressed, not as a single homeless individual, but as a whole society. Being in the industry and having the knowledge about the situation, I have the opportunity to try to find a way to solve this crisis for society.


In the meantime, despite the fact that there are so many great citizens who have been paying huge taxes through big business and real estate business and hundreds of billions of tax are spent for homeless people, the homeless population grew 16% last year.


There are various reasons for the problem, but I finally figured out that the problem was the political leaders. During this time, I tried to help existing politicians with a positive mind. I sought many political leaders who were doing everything, rather than trying to help the people who are struggling. These politicians are playing politics to get more votes from the voters and adopting good policies for certain organizations that will only benefit themselves.  


So I started thinking about how to solve the problem of the homeless people as a person who runs a non-profit organization, and I studied all the articles and broadcasts about homeless people from various news media. But no politician has a sharp answer. So I started analyzing the politicians. There are many pledges, but it was hard to see politicians who complete their pledge and truly live for their citizens.


Every politician knows that a society is able to be changed. If only a real politician were willing to solve difficulties for a citizen instead of fighting for themselves or their party or benefit a special or particular group. Therefore, I have concluded that the educational system, economic system, and health benefit requires innovation against absurdity and imbalance. 


I started working hard to find out who had the best leadership. Who among the existing politicians could or would solve the problem of homelessness. As I studied the result, a strong policy is needed to be created in order to support entrepreneurs, so these leaders can be able to create new jobs and give youth more opportunities to receive a good education and receive vocational training.


I studied and compared President Obama's policies and President Donald Trump's policies and leadership to find a way to solve problems in current politics. I also heavily studied and compared Jesus' leadership and political leadership. I got a third doctorate in my research on their leadership. I found true leadership in Jesus, servant leadership, who sacrificed Himself on the cross and washed his discipline's feet and shed His flesh and blood. I am convinced that this model is true political leadership. Eventually, even after spending billions of dollars on the homeless population, the problem of homelessness will not be solved because there is no politician with true leadership like Jesus.


Through the YouTube channel, I witnessed the reality of a small number of young and homeless people in my neighborhood. There were countless tears, and I shed tears when I saw the difficulties of our citizens and thought that God would be interested in the problems of the homeless in America. 


Then I heard the voice of God and I saw God crying for the homeless. He called upon me to be a true political leader who will wipe the tears of God's noble people. I heard God's voice. After that, I question myself, “Why does God call me? How can I become the best political leader? How can we stop God's tears and people’s tears? What could I do, and how should I do it? 


So far, I have also entrusted my future to politicians as a citizen. It is enough. I worked hard and lived my life well. In the end, rather than just hoping that my local politicians would help individuals and non-profit organizations, I became obedient to the voice of God's love for me to join the politicians to stop the tears of His people.


 I decided to commit my political life to God's calling and choice, and I trust in God that He can make me a true political leader who will deliver God's blessings from generation to generation like Abraham and Sarah.

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