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Job Creation
Dr. Sarah Sun Liew has the experience to lead on Real Estate. She was the CEO Real Estate investment, management, and brokerage corporation; Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management Inc. She has over 30 certifications in courses in real estate brokerage, investment, mortgage, and law.
I am the CEO of the job creation and educational entrepreneurs 503 C non- profit organization, Meridian Legal Business Investment Wish Foundation. With 30 years of dedication to second-generation education, my mission has always been creating jobs through supporting education for future generations, entrepreneurs, and prosperous businesses. We need to ensure a stable workforce for the younger generation and give job training and education opportunities for all ages to make Americans more stable and strong.
We need to teach job skills for people to be on their own. One of the biggest problems today is, people, do not have the skill set to meet the standards of the job market. “It isn’t just middle-wage jobs that are missing from this job market. There is also the mystery of stagnant wages”(Guardian).
1. Unskilled people entering the workforce for the first time can only find minimum wage employment.
2. People with college degrees face many challenges during and after graduating. They accumulate huge amounts of student debt that many job salaries will not cover.
3. People that have lost their jobs need retraining in order to keep up with the changing
4. Semi-retired older people may be looking for part-time work to supplement their income.
We need to build the prototype jobs center in our district that can serve as a national model. This center will be a one-stop-shop for our citizens that want to find work. There are other types of various centers, but we need a fresh start from the ground up. We will invite local companies to come in to train new workers on a regular schedule. We will be able to establish and conduct a vocational training program that creates skilled worker who is not saddled with huge amounts of student loan debt. This means they can purchase their own home, buy a new car or save more for their retirement in our district.
1. I will introduce a bill in the House offering a tax credit for companies that decide to not only hire but also train new employees. “Apprenticeships not only help Americans obtain quality high-paying jobs with benefits – in fact, but 91 percent of apprentices also retain employment after their program ends”(Fox Business). Apprenticeships work and will help put Americans that need new skills back to work. The tax credit will pay for six months' salary if the employee works there for an additional year. Young and early retired people can find a job immediately after receiving their vocational training.
2. Job Procurement Many college students struggle with a tight budget while going through school. “Colleges and nearby employers should work closely to provide students more opportunities to gain the work-relevant skills that they want and society needs them to have”(Brookings).
I would like to help them by offering training sessions to help them secure a profitable part-time job in their free time. With successful completion, it can help provide a small salary for them until they graduate. This will allow the students to focus on their studies and prepare for the future. College graduates that choose to enter public service will also be provided with a path to student loan forgiveness.
3. Retraining can be accomplished at the job center. These quality employees may possess skills that are no longer relevant and need to learn some new skills. The job center will be a place that provides those that want to increase their income a way to do so.
4. There are many retired seniors in District 33 that are well-educated professionals that could help their community in many ways. They could assist in after school programs as instructors to teach our young people about their former jobs. Accountants can teach math courses for kids, painters can teach art classes, etc. These people have a wealth of knowledge that should be passed on to our younger generation while providing meaningful part-time employment for our seniors.
People want to support themselves, not depend on government handouts. Give people a fish, and they can eat for a day; teach them to fish, and they can eat for a lifetime.
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