Dr. Sarah Sun Liew's Message 


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, and I am running for Congress from California’s 33rd District. You may have never heard of me until now, but I’d like to take this moment to introduce myself and tell you a little about myself as well as why I am running.

You have probably gathered from my accent that I was born outside the U.S. It is true: I am a native of South Korea. I emigrated to the United States in 1996 seeking to live my very own American dream, which I have. In my 25 years in this country, I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a variety of important fields, including banking, investments, real estate, I.T., even Christian service. I am a licensed real estate broker, an investment & global IT card processing banker. I am also a CEO of several businesses and non-profits and an ordained minister.

I am running for Congress to put these experiences to use. The people of California deserve a leader who understands their problems and will fight for them, someone who will stand up for what is right, who will support our police and armed forces, who will punish criminals instead of justifying their crimes, who will support an America-first agenda, for peace and prosperity at home, and peace through strength abroad.

In recent months our state has been ravaged by the coronavirus.


We’ve had many thousands of deaths, and the damage COVID has done to our economy is incalculable and will take years to recover from. However, I believe that there is a number of things we can do right now to remediate the damage from the pandemic.


We need emergency relief passed now, to support our entrepreneurs and businesspeople, as well as our teachers and schools, with particular care given to helping those who work in tourism, restaurants, and hospitality, to ensure those vital sectors of our economy recover from the crisis and continue to thrive. I also believe we must work hard to solve not only the material and economic, but the spiritual needs of our state as well, working with churches, charities, and non-profits to heal the many ills of our state, including crime, depression, suicide, addiction, homelessness and the general malaise that has seeped into our way of living.


Our times demand leadership, and someone will show up and do their job! Many people in our district are suffering due to COVID-19, and need relief in the worst way. In particular, we urgently need to pass new measures that will aid people in finding jobs, developing practical business skills, and decreasing unemployment. In short, we need a legislator with lots of business and real-life experience, who can provide practical assistance to meet the needs of our citizens who are hurting.

We are also facing a housing crisis. Right now, California's landlords and tenants are facing unspeakable difficulties as they deal with the many issues that plague our state.


For years I've been running a real estate company that manages, invests, and sells apartments in a real estate company. In addition, I run a legal firm that specializes in landlord and tenant law. I also do this work through non-profit organizations that help with landlord and tenant problems by providing knowledge and expertise on these and other matters. These are problems that demand immediate attention, and I, with my many years of knowledge and experience, am well-suited to do just that.

As a global business supporter, I have helped many businesses across the United States, and my 26 years of experience working throughout the United States, especially in Northern and Southern California, is full of memories of meeting merchants while at my desk, some even on the streets. I am praying for all of those currently suffering from the pandemic. Their tears are my tears, and their fears, my fears. I know how much you are suffering under COVID-19.


I am here to support you. I have never forgotten all those tens of thousands of merchants and business owners who have trusted and supported me over the 26 years. And if you elect me as Congresswoman, I will work hard in Congress to find a policy for business owners and a solution for the fastest possible recovery from the Covid-19 crisis.


Right now, I have a good plan to help business owners and create many jobs, a plan that has always been a dream, and my mission as CEO of a non-profit organization and global I.T. banking company. Every day of my 26 years in business has been spent supporting entrepreneurs with planed and done it to save their cost for merchant services through supporting IT global banking service.

That's why it is imperative that the man or woman we elect from our District have the necessary years of support in order to maximize their support for you and your loved ones. I believe that you’ll get more with me as your Congresswoman, and I ask you to trust me in securing the most helpful for you and to create jobs in our community.

As CEO of Merchant Services Company, I have been working with Worldpay by FIS ISO channel merchant services, I have been serviced to save all small business owners up to a 25% discount on all fees during recovery from covid -19. Countless businesses and their owner could really benefit from my expertise from this special promotion I did always and saved millions their cost since 1996. This is not a new plan to me courteously do my job itself, helping small business owners a lot. I have been always helping CA business owners cut down on their costs monthly a least from $50 to $2000 during 26 years of merchant services in California, it became millions of dollars saving and support them through nonprofit and profit both helping creates many new jobs and built a rapid business development.

I also have a plan that will create tens of thousands of jobs in one year. For example, through my business, I can create a self-employed business and have them work as an agent and as an entrepreneur who provides merchant services by assigning a certain area to them. Then tens of thousands of people can create new jobs. Such is the sort of creativity you gain when you’ve been in business for a quarter of a century. I’m very proud that in these years, I have serviced numerous merchants and cultivated smart agents.

For these reasons, I think I am the most suitable candidate for creating jobs and saving California’s economy. We are in a crisis, and must quickly in order to recover.

I urge you to go to my website to learn more about my campaign, and the things I stand for and believe in. I also encourage you to sign up for a meet and greet. I would like very much to meet you and hear your ideas about how I could better represent you.