I am Dr. Sarah here to fight for God's American justice & prevention of poverty and give a better life for our future generation.  JOIN Fight together!

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IT Global Banking Co, CEO/ Entrepreneur &Small Business Supporter  

Nonprofit Director/ Job Creator/ Real Estate & Legal Supporter

Ordained SeninorPastor

/ Second Generation Educator 


Dr. Sarah Sun Liew is currently serving our communities through two nonprofits now.


As a senior pastor at Global Jesus Mission Church (, she has served the communities as an educator, pastor for 30 years through local schools and local churches.


As a CEO/principal of 501(c)(3) workforce nonprofit at Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation Inc & as a principal & professor of MIT University (Meridian Institute of Technology (, as an entrepreneur to help the younger generation educate and support small businesses and job creation for 30 years through many nonprofit and profit companies.​

She has also been serving the communities for 26 years through three profit companies located in Beverly Hills.


As a CEO of a Real Estate Brokerage & Management Company at the Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management Inc., she was started working real state investment business and mortgage in 1996 after graduated Wiltshire real-estate school in 1996 and graduated top ten investment training schools USA. She founded three real estate & finance companies also worked at the Berkshire Hathaway Beverly Hills for about four years during 26 years working real estate industry as an investor and a broker. 


As CEO of an I.T. & Global Banking Company at the MPS Merchant Services Group & ISO office owner with working with Worldpay by FIS, ( and also she has been working with many top ten main processing company and banks such as the bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo First data Global payment, Elovan during merchant services for 26 years. She has supported many small business owners through Its global banking business and job training for all ages.


As CEO of Legal & Global Investment Immigrant Services Companies at the Meridian Beverly Hills Investment and Legal Group LLC & Global Investment Immigration. (, she had been serving many legal services for business and individuals and supporting the new immigration American dream through her companies, especially investment immigration to supporting job creation and economic glow in Californian 

She was born in An-dong, the hometown of South Korean scholars, all of her family has been successful in various fields in education, politic, defense, and medicine. Please see her family history and her children hood life; click here 

She came to America at the age of 24 (Korean age 26); before she came to the USA, she served the community as a Professional English Teacher/SAT Instructor, Sunday school education pastor, general hospital medical staff, and a worship leader of the Christian Business Owners Association from 1990 to 1995. 


During her early academic years of community services, the experience made her an excellent political candidate who understood many community issues, the importance of education, and understands the poor and needy.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew graduated with several doctoral and master's degrees in theologies, business, law, accounting, and education & public policy and studied at Harvard Business School & Harvard Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley, and USC. Enrolled and studying Harvard Kennedy School of Government PLC (Public Leadership Credential) program.


She finally received a DBA ( Doctor Business Administration) in international business trade and policy, and e-commerce and finance at Pacific State University and postdoctoral Ph. D. in sales & marketing & nonprofit management at Newburgh College, and a second postdoctoral Ph.D. in biblical preaching studied political leadership and speech at Newburgh College.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew has also studied a J.D. (Juris Doctor) program from Abraham Lincoln Law School and graduated paralegal and LDA (Legal Document Assistants) courses from Pacific Law School. Also studied political Legislation from UCLA. ( You can check more education and accolades click here) 


Dr. Sarah Sun Liew also possesses extensive experience and serves communities with IT global banking companies and the business world in global finance, the entrepreneurial world, business, accounting, law, immigration, international trade, education, information technology, and works with real estate and legal immigration services companies betterment of our communities.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew thinks that now is when a politician with her expertise and experience is needed. She is a political leader who can solve various problems in our communities, and her adventures in so many diverse areas would be indispensable.


Dr. Sarah Sun Liew believes the country is going in the wrong direction. That is why she has decided to run for Congress to make this country even stronger by saving the economy and creating many new jobs. ​ 


Dr. Sarah Sun Liew believes that ours must be a country that guarantees prosperity to all for America to be a strong country in the 21st Century.

She is a true leader and is committed to establishing justice and law in the United States so that many leaders in all fields can fulfill their roles and become great leaders through economic stability, prosperity, and job creation.


Please see below for more details of what she did for the community and when she elected what she will do for us. Please visit the page; why does she run? Click here

Dr. Sarah Liew always supports our communities for more than 30 years as below positions and She is a real leader who can solve our life real issues.      


Dr. Sarah Sun Liew,

she has been a supporter of small businesses while running an IT company for 26 years as CEO. Her direct service experience as a small business owner and her excellent business knowledge makes her the best candidate for rebuilt 33 districts and understand the pain and actual needs of small business owners during a pandemic. As CEO of both non-profits and for-profits, she has worked hard for job creation and to support entrepreneurs.  

When she is elected, she will fight and support small businesses & entrepreneurs to quickly rebuild their businesses and create more new jobs with the below solutions.
1. Supporting to rebuild broken business and creation more new jobs, and keep it healthy in business, economic development, and job creation, and more business tax cuts. Entrepreneurial support and job creation center program to educate that entrepreneurs need to meet the rapidly changing world.

2. Active in providing vocational training and education to business owners & job seekers. Supporting 501 (C)(3) workforce non-profit organizations to help create more jobs. Help future generations, early retirees, women, a vacation internship program. A stable workforce for the younger generation and giving job training. Prevention of homeless programs for especially young college and early senior


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