To my fellow citizens,
I am proud to be a first-generation immigrant Korean woman Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives. I immigrated to the United States from Korea when I was 26 years old, I have been an educator, entrepreneur, and pastor.
I supported myself through school and have a Master's of Theology and finished master education, Also, I have a Doctor of Business Administration and have a Ph.D. in Sales and Marketing and a second Ph.D. in Biblical Preaching.
I have managed to acquire an immense level of success through a long list of accomplishments ranging from IT and Global Banking companies, real estate investments, law firms, and the medical field. As a non-profit organization CEO, I have to lead an organization that aims to produce managers, youth leaders, and women leaders in the fields of IT professionals, technology education, professional training courses, and women's leadership for mainstream and Korean communities.
I want to create an entrepreneurial support center and start-up for economic growth and job creation. This facility would assist many entrepreneurs in acquiring better education in business, law, and investment in order to develop their businesses.
The Entrepreneur Support Center Program is designed to help entrepreneurs and create entrepreneurs with a wide range of computer education programs, marketing, funding and youth internships that entrepreneurs need to meet the rapidly changing world. Small business is the backbone of the American Economy and we need to keep strong.
While it is good that the stock market is at all time highs, many people are not enjoying a better personal economy. We should also focus on our local economy. We must create new good-paying middle-class jobs. We will use a multi-pronged approach listed in the job creation plan which includes maintaining our ports and employer tax credits.
I want to create an entrepreneurial support center and start-up for economic growth and job creation. This facility would assist many entrepreneurs in acquiring better education in business, law, and investment in order to develop their businesses. This center will be a one-stop-shop for our citizens that want to find work. There are other types of various centers, but we need a fresh start from the ground up. We will invite local companies to come in to train new workers on a regular schedule.
I will introduce a bill in the House offering a tax credit for companies that decide to not only hire but also train new employees. Apprenticeships not only help Americans obtain quality high-paying jobs with benefits. We should be developing preschool programs for better education. Children who attend preschool experience substantial learning gains and are more prepared for school than children who do not attend preschool. We should develop afternoon school education programs for children in order to provide early job placement or start-up education for young college students and job opportunities for working parents. College affordability is an issue on many fronts.
I do believe that public servants such as Teachers, the Military, Police, Firefighter, and volunteers for nongovernmental organizations should be eligible for a path to loan forgiveness. I support education in all of its forms. I believe that public schools are a great option for many students, but parents should have freedom of choice. Many parents send their children to charter schools and they should continue to be able too.
Homelessness Throughout southern California has reached crisis proportions.
The percentage of homelessness reported has risen by a staggering 16% during the past year alone, and it has started to threaten our well-being as a community. Foreclosure prevention is the first step. People who have lost their jobs and are unable to pay the mortgage may potentially become homeless.
I believe that the best solution is to provide vocational training and job opportunities for the homeless. It’s an example of traditional wisdom: give people a fish, and they can eat for a day; teach them to fish, and they can eat for a lifetime. Construction and Clean Energy jobs are high demand and the homeless can transition into these careers quickly. Clean energy employment grew 3.6% in 2018, adding 110,000 net new jobs, and employers expect 6% job growth in 2019.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ #1 and #2 fastest-growing occupations are solar panel installers and wind turbine service technicians. These are good, solidly middle-class jobs that provide above-average salaries without needing a college degree. These are good, long term, sustainable jobs that increase the local tax base and make communities stronger.
We need to allow legal immigrants that want to strengthen our economy a streamlined entry program. The process should be expedient, especially for those that want to invest or with academic or other specialized skills that benefit the United States. We want these people to come to our country. We need to have a process in place that shows the timeline of when they will be granted their Visa. We are a nation of immigrants and that has made us strong.
Time is moving fast towards Election Day. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the volunteers, donors, and supporters for making this journey possible.
The vision for District 33 is for what is in the best interests of the community. Our staff and volunteers are pouring their hearts out to support the campaign, but to win this race, we are going to need every last vote. Thus, I am hoping to call on you once again.
The campaign has been ongoing for months and has accumulated expenses for campaign materials and provisions for volunteers. As we prepare for this final phase of the campaign, financial support is very essential.
Your donation today will be a great support and will boost our chances. This is a necessary tool to have enough resources needed to win the election in March. Can I count on your donation?
Once again, thank you so much for your support. Let’s work hard and stay focused on this race for the win!
I hope that I get the chance to work for you and continue the legacy of Making America Great Again!
Dr. Sarah Sun Liew Republican Candidate of Congressional Ca district 33
Contact: 424-343-7025
Mailing Address: Po Box 3872 Beverly Hills CA 90212