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Dr. Sarah Sun Liew's Family Background 


Dr. Sarah Liew grew up in a family of educators who have made great contributions to the areas of economics, politics, defense, and education in Korea and the United States.


They are a family that achieved global achievements and has produced many college professors at some of the leading universities. Here are some of the family members who became professors with Ph.D. Degrees: her uncle, Dr. Gongkyu Liew, Ph.D. in Economics who was a professor at Harvard Business School & Oklahoma University; her aunt and cousin, Dr. Jeongja Liew, Doctor of Engineering and Dr. Andrew Liew, Doctor of Medicine Professor at Oklahoma University Medical School; her cousin, Dr. John Liew, Ph.D. in Economics, a trustee and a committee member at Chicago University; her cousin, Professor Dr. Jimmy Liew, Ph.D. in Economics at John Hopkins University; her uncle, Professor Kwan-woo Liew, Professor of Computer Science at North Carolina U.S. as well as Kyungpook National University; her uncle, Dr. Jeong-tak Liew, Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering Professor in Daegu University in Korea; and her uncle, Professor Jae-k shim, Ph.D. in Economics at California State University Long Beach.


Her family is dedicated to supporting the education of the future generation to achieve an excellent track record to change the world economy and technology. Moreover, many family members are now delving into new scientific computer science, developing software, and artificial interagency intelligence.


 Her grandfather, Jin Gul, Ryu aka Jin Gul, Liew was an independence activist, enlightenment activist, and politician who founded the Independent Labor Party of the Korean government. Her grandfather was also the Korean teacher of Dr. Ramstedt, a world-renowned linguist. Her grandfather’s contributions helped spread the Korean language to the world. The book, Korean Grammar, written by her grandfather and Dr. Ramstead, helped many American soldiers in Korea during the war to learn and understand Korean.


He has made great contributions to economic growth and reclamation projects in Korea. Through its economic stabilization and reclamation projects, he has made great contributions to the development of the country by creating public roads, highways, and ports in Korea. Throughout his life, he was dedicated to promoting education for future generations as shown through many examples of his support of entrepreneurship. Her grandfather's leadership model has inspired success among four generations of her family. His leadership inspired all of our family to succeed and achieve our first-generation immigrant dreams today.


Her uncle, Pil-Woo, Ryu aka Pil-Woo Liew,  was a director of the Korea Economic Planning Board during the time of President Park Chung-hee, who was also called as “The Economic President”. It is the time when the “Saemaul Undong” was formed, also known as the “New Village Movement or New Community Movement” for modernization of the rural South Korean economy. This was spearheaded by President Park Chung-hee and her uncle Ryu Pil-woo as a director of the Korea Economic Planning Board. It is the most important position that contributed to various Korea's economic growth through major industries.


Her uncle, Ryu( Liew) Pil-woo, was the most important person in the senior post because the economic planning agency has planned and carried out all the costs of pioneering the country.


In addition, he was also a director of the Korean Defense Industry Department at that time and performed various important tasks for defense in Korea and the United States. He was a high-ranking civil servant at the time, dedicated to peace in Korea and striving to strengthen the economic balance and defense of the country at the closest of President Park Chung-hee.


Her other uncle Dr. Gong-kyu Liew, worked as a professor of Economics at Oklahoma Economics graduate School.


During his 23 years before his death, Dr. Gong-kyu, Liew was enthusiastic about education and research. He has published 50 papers in professional journals and authored 12 books. In addition, Dr. Liew carried out 14 research projects, totaling more than $600,000.


As a visiting professor at Harvard University, he had made great strides in the field of econometrics in the United States. It is still one of the most popular subjects in Harvard Economics. He spent his life working on spreading and researching theories of econometrics in the US and around the world, as chief of the econometrics program at the Institute for Economic Management. His doctrine is a big step in American economic development. Moreover, he worked as an adviser to the Korea Research Foundation, run by President Chun Doo-hwan.


He is also a consultant to the U.S. Department of Transportation and has made many achievements in US traffic order and traffic metering.


He has developed software for weighing constraints, multi-regional variation, input and output models, and more. He was also an adviser to the Army's Army technical department.


Dr. Jong-kyu Liew developed the first multivariate variable input/output model (MRVIO). This was designed with computer software. The MRVIO model is a general parallel theory of the input/output hypothesis, which has been developed from the traditional input/output model without cost theory to the input/output model affected by cost. The development of theory is the most outstanding of his achievements.


Her cousin, John Liew, became a self-made billionaire and has been featured in Forbes Magazine. He donated 20 million dollars to Chicago University and served as a trustee.


John Liew is a co-founder of AQR (AQR Capital Management is a global investment management firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States), the world's second-largest hedge fund company in the world, founded with his best friends. It has contributed to the growth and global economy of many companies around the world. 


As a committee member and a trustee of the operation of Chicago University, he donated a lot of money to the faculty of the student's research product. He and his three co-founders were selected in Forbes magazine as a Billionaire roll in 2017.


He has established the Liew Family Scholarship Foundation. He supported and provided research projects to many university students.  


In recent years, he donated $ 10 million to Chicago University through Liew's Family Foundation in 2016


He also contributed another $ 10 million with AQR co-founder Cliff Asness in 2019.


Moreover, both John & Cliff Asness are both are students of Ph.D. dissertation received from the world-famous Economist Eugene Puma who received the Nobel Prize. 


Both of them are considered the biggest supporter and active with Eugene Puma in the research organization altar through many activities. Furthermore, they continue to work in the United States for economic growth.

Way back during Dr. Sarah Liew’s childhood, her parents are patriots who have lived in Andong and have finished their lives in conveying Korean culture. Andong is a place visited by the Queen of England and his son and is the home of a heritage recognized by UNESCO.


Her father was a wealthy villager, born with  27 units of house and a lot of land from his parents.


Dr. Liew's father always feasted with those in need in the village. He has supported the elderly, single mothers, people in need, and less fortunate people and provided for free dwellings until they are self-reliant.


Her father has a big heart for his community, he lends tuition money to those who don’t have enough and has financed those who need business funds such as payment for repairs or payment for wages.


Dr. Liew lives in Andong and grew up in Korea's most traditional SUEDANG family house. The house is more than tens of thousand square feet with 27 units of house. The carpenter who built their house was also the one who built In- Hyeon King’s Palace for his family. It has two large gardens, two large courtyards, and more than five gates.


Her father always allowed Dr. Liew's friends to come and use their place as a playground. His home was also used as a venue to teach the village children Kindergarten. They said the house where she was born and raised was recognized by the Korean government as a valuable local culture. It is now a famous attraction for people and from all over the world to visit.


She grew up in a strict Confucian family, under the influence of her parents, to live and learn to honor their parents, show their love for the country, and follow their family heritage mission.


In particular, her mother is a descendant of Toegye Lee Hwangthe. As a mother, she always showed to her children her deep dignity. Her mother also is hardworking and studies hard.


Her mother has not only sacrificed for her family but also is a great mother who honors village people, supports the poor, and helped people in need. She also was the leader of the women's movement.


Dr. Liew's mother always was visiting to help her elementary school teachers and help to run the school as the leader of the PT group of the village.


Dr. Liew married her husband in Beverly Hills. They have many spiritual children through her ministry life and still waiting for physical children. They married in 2014 one right away her husband joined and running her three profit companies in Global IT banking, Real Estate Brokerage & Management, and Global investment & Legal Service Firm Companies including Immigrants Services. 


In addition, He joined into two nonprofit organizations and supporting the community as create opportunities for new jobs to operate in the high-tech field of technology. It is a cost-effective organization that helps and educates many entrepreneurs.


Before married, her husband Abraham Jae, Lee is also a life-long learner. In fact, after he graduated from an MBA school in Fairfield Iowa USA, he remained at the university for more than 20 years for supporting university programs and research projects.


Her family are hard-working, dedicated American citizens and taxpayers who love and support America for generations to come. Her family has been a devoted community leader with outstanding track records in their efforts to improve American economic growth and education as CEOs, professors, and political leaders.


Many of her family members have dedicated their lives to serve their homeland in Korea as well as in the United States. Their hopes, visions, and dedication to public service have become her vision and mission throughout her life.

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