Green Energy
Construction and Clean Energy jobs are high demand and the homeless can transition into these careers quickly. “Clean energy employment grew 3.6% in 2018, adding 110,000 net new jobs (4.2% of all jobs added nationally in 2018), and employers expect 6% job growth in 2019”(Forbes). The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ #1 and #2 fastest-growing occupations are solar panel installers and wind turbine service technicians. These are good, solid middle-class jobs that provide above-average salaries without needing a college degree. These are good, long term, sustainable jobs that increase the local tax base and makes communities stronger.
“California has passed its 33% renewable energy target two years before the 2020 deadline. The state’s next renewable milestone is at 44% by 2024, a 33% growth in just over five full years”(PV).
“Broadly, in the past five years, large-scale solar generation has increased nearly five-fold, while behind-the-meter solar resources increased by approximately 310%”(PV).
I believe in clean energy because it reduces air and water pollution. This pollution has been linked to breathing problems, cancer, premature death, and many other serious health problems. “Most of these negative health impacts come from air and water pollution that clean energy technologies simply don’t produce”(UoCS).
PV Magazine Feb. 25, 2019 ble-growth-not-stopping-though/
Union of Concerned Scientists
Union of Concerned Scientists