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Dr. Sarah Sun Liew has the experience to lead on economic issues. She has been an entrepreneur and CEO of several companies in the Real Estate, Finance, and Global IT Banking fields for more than 24 years. She has extensive experience in both the local and global economy. She has been successful while facing the myriad of issues that the private sector faces.
While it is good that the stock market is at all-time highs, many people are not enjoying a better personal economy. We should also focus on our local economy.
1. “The manufacturing sector is in recession, according to the Wall Street Journal Survey of  Forecasters”(Deloitte). There are many underemployed workers who want to work for themselves in order to increase their earning power. The ”too-tight breathing room between what many families earn and what it costs them to live has created a widespread sense of economic insecurity” (Washington Post).
2. The barriers to entry for starting a new business that is successful are immense. If small businesses fail.
3. A good education is out of reach for many because of stratospheric costs.
4. Many seniors can not find affordable housing in our district. Many are also facing poverty because receiving very low social security payments when the minimum wage is increasing rapidly.
1. We must create new good-paying middle-class jobs. We will use a multi-pronged approach listed in the job creation plan which includes maintaining our ports and employer tax credits.
2. I want to create an entrepreneurial support center and start-up for economic growth and job creation. This facility would assist many entrepreneurs in acquiring better education in business, law, and investment in order to develop their businesses. “While making mistakes along the way to success is an expected part of the process, these mentors are there to help you avoid making similar ones they’ve made when they were just starting out”(US Chamber). The Entrepreneur Support Center Program is designed to help entrepreneurs and create entrepreneurs with a wide range of computer education programs, marketing, funding, and youth internships that entrepreneurs need to meet the rapidly changing world. Small business is the backbone of the American Economy and we need to keep strong.
3. A relatively small tax credit for education can make all the difference for many working-class families. It put some money back in the pockets of our newest families that are working to jobs and trying to buy a home while supporting new children.
4. Due to the high cost of rent in our district, I will propose a $3,000 tax credit for seniors that pay over the national average for their living. Our seniors that have lived in our district all their lives shouldn’t have to move from where they love. I also believe that there should be a minimum monthly payment of at least $1,000 a month. As this nation sees its minimum wage rise, we can not leave our seniors in poverty. Along with not leaving our elders in poverty, we also should not be supplementing millionaire lifestyles. This could be a means-testing, which would potentially reduce benefits for those who are extremely wealthy.
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Dr. Liew devote her life to supporting small business owners and job creation