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International Trade
Dr. Sarah Sun Liew has the experience to lead International Trade. She has experience in international trade and e-commerce with a focus on investment and multicultural exchange. She majored in international trade and e-commerce finance with a master's and a doctorate degree in business administration,
    1. We live in a world where global trade is necessary but it must be fair to the USA. America has just started “moving in the right direction, making up for years of inattention and complacency with regard to the abuse of global rules by China and others”(National Review). We run the risk of losing the gains we have made if we elect weak leadership. We can not afford to have forced intellectual property transfers and theft.
    2. Foreign companies are using foreign-made equipment to take over our ports. “Without its requested permit for electric infrastructure, Maersk plans to bring the new automated carriers into the port fitted with diesel motors to charge their batteries — thus bypassing the need for chargers, Wi-Fi antenna poles, and related equipment. Twenty-seven carriers are to arrive at the terminal by the end of the year, with about 100 more on order after that”(L.A. Times). Permits for this equipment are currently issued locally and I believe need to be reviewed more thoroughly.
    3. The US has many other trading partners across the Pacific. When our country correctly pulled out of TPP; we now must focus on individual countries.
    1. The trade war with China has dominated the headlines. “The most important Trump trade initiative is certainly taking on the long-neglected task of challenging China’s systematic disregard of international rules and the basics of fair, reciprocal trade”(National Review). We have many trading partners. Canada and Mexico each trade as much with us as China does. “U.S. exports to Mexico have increased slightly, up 0.23%, while imports from Mexico increased 5.87%”(Forbes). Canada and Mexico have both signed the MCA agreement that was fair for all countries. “López Obrador credited Trump for working with him, while Freeland celebrated a win for multilateralism”(The Guardian). We need to stay vigilant on trade deals and sign agreements that make sense just as this administration has been doing.
    2. Our ports have security implications for the nation and we should assess the use of automation at our ports. This should be a federal issue that is not handled locally at each port. I believe all stakeholders should have a seat at the table.
    3. The US has completed individual trade deals with our allies Korea and Japan. “Although the majority of KORUS 2.0 amendments were designed to satisfy U.S. demands, three smaller changes were made at the request of Korea. First, the investor-state dispute mechanism has been revised in minor ways and largely resembles the rules in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. ISDS is an arbitration process that allows foreign investors to bring claims against governments before an ad hoc panel”(CATO). “Trump called the new trade deal with Japan “a huge victory for America’s farmers, ranchers, and growers(Forbes).” The deal will be expanded in 2020 and needs to be more comprehensive as we should increase trade with our friendly partners.
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