Sarah Sun Liew is currently the senior pastor and CEO of a 501(c)(3) non-profit, with the express purpose of supporting small businesses and job training. She is also an educator with an eye to helping the younger generation, the CEO of a real estate development, investment, and finance company, as well as the CEO of an I.T. & global banking company, she is also CEO of legal & global investment immigrant services. She is a born leader who can bring empathy to society on many levels, and who has solutions to many issues.

Sarah was born in An-dong, the hometown of South Korean scholars. She and her family immigrated to the United States to live the American dream, and to give that dream to their children and grandchildren, a dream which they appear to have accomplished, as many of Sarah’s family members include professors at Harvard Business School, Oklahoma University, Chicago University, John Hopkins University, and North Carolina State University.

Sarah's dream becomes a medical doctor, but she tested two times entered medical school at Seoul University and Kyunghee University,  finally, also decided studied nursing during prepared medical school test, same time she attended saint mother's nursing college and graduated in 1988 at her age of 18 years old,  she worked as an intern at the intensive unit,d operating room and delivery room at the Bangjger general hospital, she had experienced many life struggles through many cancer patients who died early, she felt real life deeply and she recalled that she confessed to GOD when the early age she gave her life to God and wants to live life for God, finally after experienced hospital life, she is too short and she obeyed God's calling, and instead of entering medical school or, she went theology school and 7 years studied theology until received master degrees.


During 7 years of academic school life, Sarah worked as a Sunday school director and education pastor at Calvary church, and holy mountain church, and part-time medical part-time staff during summer and winter vacations and also worked as part-time a professional teacher of English and mathematics to the elementary, middle, junior high, and college students during 7 years of academic life. She learned button of life, she was working three jobs as teachers, pastors, medical staff, she became a leader who knows the value of education and has seen first-hand the power of education to change lives and herself through serving the communities, churches, schools, hospitals her early ages. She had a dream of working in higher education and wanted to become a professor of theology and she came to America.

Between the ages of 19 and 25 years, Sarah served the community as an educator, pastor, and health care worker in a hospital, positions which gave Sarah an understanding of many issues in the community, and a knowledge of how those problems can be remedied through churches, schools, and hospitals. This includes working with the poor and the needy.


Now today, she became CEO of a nonprofit at meridian business legal investment wish foundation and became a senior pastor of Global Jesus mission church supporting communities and serving entrepreneurs and job seekers through business, legal, investment education, and job-training communities through her non-profit 501 (c)(3).


In the early days of immigration, Sarah studied at several business & law schools including Harvard Business School. She finally received a DBA and several Ph.D.’s. In business, she has worked in sales and marketing, and for such global institutions as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo, working directly with merchant service departments to help small business owners. In addition, she has worked for some of the world's best information technology, banking, and finance companies, including Worldpay by FIS/Vantiv( NPC), and First Data, as well as many top global banks, such as the bank of America. Chase, wellls fargo merchant services department as well as serving as CEO of MPS Merchant Service Group, Inc., and as Owner of Meridian Payment Systems since 1996.


Sarah has also studied law through a J.D. (Juris Doctor) program from Abraham Lincon law school in 2001, and taken paralegal and LDA (Legal Document Assistants) courses from Pacific Law School. She started serving communities in 2001 as an intern in many legal service firms. Finally, In 2013 she became owner and CEO of a legal, global and immigrant service company, and serves as CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Investment & Legal Group, Inc., and Global Investment Immigrant Services.


Since 1997, Sarah graduated top 10 most higher professional investment training schools in the USA and certified in more than 30 professional fields of real estate investment, finance, cash flow, international trade, factoring, and mortgage. Also, She has gained professional real estate investment experience and has the best skills with worked at Berkshire Hathaway’s Beverly Hills office luxury home and commercial division about 4 years before she opened her own brokerage real estate and management company in Beverly Hills and serves the community as CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management in Beverly Hills CA.


Sarah also possesses extensive experience in global finance, the entrepreneurial world, business, immigration, international trade, education, information technology, and works with real estate and legal immigration services companies for the betterment of our communities.

Sarah thinks that now is a time when a politician with her expertise and experience is needed. She is a political leader who can solve various problems in our communities, and her experience in so many various areas would be indispensable. Sarah believes the country is going in the wrong direction. That is why she has decided to run for Congress—to make this country even stronger by saving the economy and creating many new jobs.


Sarah believes that for America to be a strong country in the 21st Century, ours must be a country that guarantees prosperity to all. As a business and educational leader, a family leader in a home, a religious leader in a church, a community leader in a community and with a non-profit, a medical leader in a medical group, and one with significant legal experience, Sarah believes that she is well-qualified to tackle our country’s biggest problems.


Unlike Ted Liew, as your representative, she will support President Donald Trump’s agenda (Ted Liew voted for Trump’s impeachment). Also unlike Ted Lieu, Sarah will support the police and respect our flag and our values. She is a true leader and is committed to establishing justice and law in the United States so that many leaders in all fields can fulfill their roles and become great leaders through economic stability, prosperity, and job creation.

Here’s where Sarah stands on the top issues and solutions below.


Dr.Sarah sun Liew's top issues and fight for you 



as an education system supporter

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew,
as a small business supporter, she has undertaken various educational programs to further my knowledge of our economy, including MBA, DBA, and Ph.D. and post-doctoral Ph.D. studies at top universities, including Harvard Business School.
Additionally, She has been a CEO for over 25 years, running an IT global banking company and working with Fidelity National Information Services, Inc Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (or FIS) is an American company on the Fortune 500 list which offers a wide range of financial products and services. and Worldpay, Vantiv, NPC... and have aided tens of thousands of small business owners and stores exclusively through my global IT banking & financial business.
She understands the pain and real needs of small business owners, especially when a pandemic has closed many businesses, left business owners suffering, and employees losing their jobs.  She wants to help them resume their business, re-hire more people, and rebuild their business as soon as possible. She is running for them—the business owners and entrepreneurs.


If you are a business owner in District 33, She is your Candidate!

Solution: Through 25 years of experience as a global banking company and helping large companies and small business owners she observed that it's hard for entrepreneurs to save jobs and create jobs here in America.
Thus, it’s imperative to create a program to help businesses, start-ups, and vocational training programs for women, young unemployed, early retirees, and veterans. We’re creating an entrepreneurial support center and start-up for economic growth and job creation.
This facility will assist entrepreneurs in acquiring better education in business, law, and investment to develop their businesses. It is designed to help entrepreneurs create a wide range of computer education programs, marketing, funding programs, and youth internships that entrepreneurs need to meet the rapidly changing world. Small business is the backbone of the American Economy and we need to keep it strong.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew,

as CEO of both non-profit and for-profits, she has worked hard for job creation and to support entrepreneurs.


Additionally, she has long advocated for free or affordable business education, legal training, and services to provide education for start-ups to aid job creation and education for business owners.


She has been active in providing vocational training education to business owners, real estate agents, investors, and first-time homebuyers through investment education programs, as well as in providing legal, eviction, and apartment management education for landlords and tenants.


She believes this is the sort of experience and drive that we need to create jobs in the 33rd District

Solution: She has extensive experience contributing to the growth of the U.S. and world economy and job creation.


She can carry out the right policy of strong economic growth and create new jobs to make Americans more stable and stronger.

She is the CEO of the job creation and educational entrepreneurs 503 C non-profit organization, Meridian Legal Business Investment Wish Foundation. With 30 years of dedication to second-generation education & job training, my mission has always been creating jobs through supporting education for future generations, entrepreneurs, and prosperous businesses.


Also, for a stable workforce for the younger generation and giving job training and education opportunities for all ages to make Americans more stable and stronger.​

Young college and early retired homelessness is a problem that needs to be solved urgently. As a policy, the pledge is to establish a homeless prevention center to create jobs through vocational training, rehabilitation programs, policies to protect businesses that affect homelessness, various programs for cooperative homeless prevention, and to teach people who are in destitute situations to be self-reliant.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew,

with 30 years’ experience as a pastor and educator.


As a pastor, she served in 10 local churches and taught part-time in elementary schools,  high school English teacher, SAT instructor, and teacher at a free adult school during my academic life.


As a second-generation pastor and instructor, she also finished my master's education degree from Calvin University and studied at the Harvard graduate school education for K-12 education program and school management program and leadership.

As your Representative, she fully recognizes the value of education and its power to change the lives of our future generations through my life serving churches and schools as an educator.


She vows to be an indefatigable supporter of education in District 33


Solution: We’re developing preschool programs for children and provide early job placement or start-up education for young college students before graduation, job opportunities, and working moms. It is for a better-gifted education.


The biggest concern of working mothers is the strengthening of K-12  STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs. Also, for working moms to be able to work longer without worrying about their children.


In addition, we will offer a variety of afternoon school educational programs, skill development, and high-quality recruitment, teachers, parents of students, and many educational benefits that can innovate future generations of education.

She supports education in all of its forms. I believe that public schools are a great option for many students, but parents should have freedom of choice. Many parents send their children to charter schools and they should continue to be able to. 


College affordability is an issue on many fronts. She does believe that public servants such as Teachers, the Military, Police, Firefighter, and volunteers for nongovernmental organizations should be eligible for a path to loan forgiveness. These people are dedicating their lives to the wellbeing of our society when they could earn substantially more in the private sector.


as a Health system supporter


Dr. Sarah Sun Liew,
as the CEO of a legal services, real estate investment management firm for more than 20 years, she is well aware of the need to build affordable housing while tackling the challenges of today’s housing market.
She is also aware of the unique challenges of the affordable housing market, and the eviction of subscribers and landlords. Moreover, she understands the deep social problems that complicate our lives, and the practical solutions needed to remedy them.
Over the course of my career, she has provided significant legal services for those in need in a variety of fields including contract law, family law, bankruptcy law, small trials, and regulation compliance. She has decided to put this experience to use by running for the House of Representatives from District 33.

Solution: As the CEO of a real estate investment and legal service company, as your spokesperson, she will help fight for various real estate and legal issues, immigration and international trade, IT issues, business, and education issues. She will be supporting ethical laws and policies by making the right decision to make America more stable and stronger.
My 24 years of experience in the real estate industry will be a great tool to provide programs to build more affordable housing for early retirees' homeless problems and to help find employment for older retirees.
Besides, we are committed to providing additional employment opportunities, start-ups, better health benefits, and social engagement welfare programs through the church, non-profit, and provide teaching opportunities in art, math, and science.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew,
as an experenced medical staffer and studied nurse with extensive experience both in Korea and the United States, she has practiced in general hospital operating rooms, intensive care units, obstetrics and gynecology units, pediatrics, and hospice.

She has experienced a good health care system, which she believes will help me to solve the current crises so many patients and their families are facing, specifically in those instances where they cannot get insurance due to excessive medical premiums. As she sees it, we need a solution for stabilizing sky-high drug prices, endless wait times, and the confused, overwhelming nightmare our health care system has become. 

Through covid -19, the US medical service is becoming more and more prominent.

Solution: She believes people should have access to the services they need, that they should be able to receive treatment promptly, and to know the costs of the services they are about to receive pre-treatment. I also believe the health care system should be sufficient to support our hero healthcare providers and their facilities. 

She's worked to make sure that everyone has more access to health insurance at an affordable price through some smart laws that remove barriers to entry for providers and allow everyone to get coverage.

The U.S. healthcare system has limited medical benefits, and she will fight for improved medical plans that will be beneficial for all Americans to make Americans more stable and stronger.

A vote for me is a vote for better health care in District 33. 

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew,

 she is a first-generation immigrant and a political candidate who fulfilled her American dream. She has aided the hardships of immigrants during my service for immigrants as Owner & CEO of my immigrant consult and legal firm since 2013.


She will support new immigrants to open new businesses in District 33 to help economic growth, to create new jobs, and to be a spokesperson for the pain and hardship of all immigrants to make Americans more stable and stronger.


As an immigration consultant, and as an immigrant myself, she is well aware of the difficulties of immigrants. After achieving the American Dream, she made it her personal charge to help other newly arrived Americans take their first steps in our great country by aiding them in their pursuit of better education and business opportunities.


Providing these immigration services have been instrumental in helping me to understand the unique challenges immigrants face and were a significant factor in her decision to run for Congress from District 33.

Solution: We will help to fulfill the dream of investing in immigrants, encourage international trade, protect the rights of immigrants, and educate immigrant children.


Dr. Liew has been helping entrepreneurs start their jobs for 24 years. She wants to build the New Immigrants Support Center Program, which provides resolution and assistance for the problems of first-year immigrants, it is important to quickly settle in the United States through language education, cultural education, vocational education, and start-up education in order to fulfill the dream of children's education and to serve the community. Obtaining every opportunity is truly an American Dream.

Dr.Sarah sun Liew's accolades& education 

Sarah’s Accolades 


Business ( 1996-2020)

*CEO of MPS Merchant Service Group & Meridian Payment System

-Working partnership with fortune 500Listed, FIS, Worldpay, NPC, Vantiv, First Data, Bank of America merchant services, Wells Fargo, and many more.

*CEO/ Principal of Meridian Institute of Technology University

-Working partnership with Fidelity National Information Services, Fortune 500Listed, Worldpay, NPC, Vantiv, First DataBank of America merchant services, Wells Fargo, and many more


*CEO & Owner of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management & Liberty Finance

-Before opened her brokerage company, worked at Berkshire Hathaway Beverly Hills office for 3 years and 8 months.


*CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Investment Legal Group & CEO of Global Immigration Services  


Nonprofit Organization ( 1990-2020)   

*CEO of Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish 


*CEO/ Senior Pastor of Global Jesus Mission Church and Global Leadership Center 

*Director/ Part-time Education Pastor of Sunday School at Mijo Peace Church, Elim Church, Calling Mission Church, Calvary Church, and Holy Mountain Church,  


Education Organization ( 1988-2020)  

*To-Song Academy and Samsung Language School for college entrance academic high-school students English & SAT instructor

*English & Mathematics teacher at Ensoul Academy, Hansoul Academy, and Haidy Academy  for elementary, middle school students 

*Worked as intern medical staff in the operating room, delivery room & intensive care unit at Bang Ji General Hospital in Korea and Crenshaw hospital in the USA


Sarah’s Education 

Doctorate degrees and special educations 

*Graduated D.B.A ( Doctor Business Administration) from Pacific State University. (2006) 

*Graduated Postdoctoral PH.D. Degree in Sales & Marketing (2013)  


*Graduated Second Postdoctoral PH.D. Degree for Biblical Preaching from Newburgh College(2019) 

*Harvard Business School(2019-2021)

Major: Leadership Principal, Entrepreneur  Essential, Venture Capital and Global Business (Online)


*Harvard Graduate School of Education(2019-2021)

Major: 7-12K School Management & School Management Leadership Program (Online)

*Studied JD doctoral program from Abraham Lincoln Law School ( 2001~)

*Studied Political legislation from UC LA (2019)


*Graduated Pacific Law School LDA & paralegal(2013)

*Attended some of the classes at Fuller Theology School Korean Dmin program offered classes.  


Master degrees 

*Finished Master of Business Administration at Pacific State University (2004)

*Studied MBA/CPA /Finance from UC Berkeley( 2005)

*Received entrepreneurial achievement from USC (2007) 


*Graduated Anyang Graduate School of Theology 

Master Theology( Th.M.) (1996)

*Calvin College Master Christian Education (1997)

Bachelor degrees 

*Graduated from Tea Han Theology School Bachelor Theology( 1994)

*Graduated Calvin Theology School Bachelor Theology(1997)


*Studied YJ University Bachelor of English Literature Degree (1990-1993) 

*Graduated American Nursing College AAA Nursing programs (1997)

*Graduated Saint Mother Nursing College  AAA Nursing programs (1989)