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Dr. Sarah Sun Liew is an educator, entrepreneur and pastor. She has had successful careers in various businesses ranging from I.T. and Global Banking to real estate investments, law and the medical field. Dr. Sarah Liew is also the first woman Republican candidate to run as a first-generation Korean-immigrant for the US House of Representatives.


Sarah believes that all societies are malleable and capable of change. With that in mind, Sarah started working hard to find out what the problems were, and who had the best ideas for fixing these problems. As she studied the issues, Sarah became convinced that strong policies were needed in order to support constituents affected by these issues. She also became convinced that so much could be accomplished if only a real politician were willing to work to solve these difficulties for their citizens, instead of fighting for themselves, their party, or a special interest group. Sarah came to see the problems of our state as not unsolvable, but problems that were simply being ignored, issues related to Small Businesses, Job Creation, Education, Immigration, Homelessness, et cetera.


As a first-generation Korean immigrant who has fulfilled her very own American dream, Sarah set out to help others in order to extend to them the same opportunities she has enjoyed. Since 2013 she has aided immigrants with their hardships as CEO of her consulting firm. Said individuals often need advice and help on finding reasonably priced housing, as well as ways to take advantage of educational, employment and business opportunities. As your representative for District 33, Sarah will support immigrants seeking open new businesses in order to aid the district’s economic growth and to create new jobs. She also will be an indefatigable spokesperson for immigrants and their communities, paying particular attention to the hardships they experience as they transition to life in America.

For the past 30 years, she has had the privilege to serve in several community leadership positions through various nonprofit organizations, churches, hospitals, and schools. Since 1996, she has served as an entrepreneur and CEO of several companies, promoting community development and investment. The greatest blessing of her life was to join those who believe that public service is a spiritual, as well as a social and practical, mission.


Sarah has a very distinguished educational background. She holds a Ph.D. in Sales and Marketing Degree, with a Major in Study for Non-Profit and Profit Marketing and Sales at Newburgh University (2012-2013).

She also completed a Certified Harvard Business School (MBA) Online Major Study for certified completion on the issue of Leadership Principal & Entrepreneur Essentials. She also completed a Harvard Graduate School of Education (MED) Online Major Certificate (2019-2020), and holds a D.B.A (Doctor Business Administration) Degree in International Trade and E-Commerce Information Technology and Finance from Pacific State University (2003-2006). In addition, she undertook MBA /CPA studies at UC Berkeley and studied CPA for Financial Manager studies as well.


In 2019, Sarah graduated with a second Postdoctoral Biblical Preaching Degree from Newburgh University, making a comparative study of Jesus’ preaching and political leadership.


She also studied law at Abraham Lincoln Law school (2001-2002) and graduated from paralegal and LDA courses from Pacific International Graduate School of Law (2012-2013). Finally, in 2019, she studied political legislation at UCLA (extension), and in 2007 received a certified achievement from USC in recognition of her entrepreneurial accomplishments.


In addition to a stellar educational background, Sarah is proud of the more than 30 certifications she has received over the course of her career: Certified Real Estate Broker, Certified Residential Specialist, Certified Commercial Specialist, Certified Multi-family Apartment Specialist, Certified Real Estate Investment Specialist, Certified Business Investment Specialist, Certified Short-Sales Specialist, Certified REO Specialist, Certified Foreclosure Specialist, Certified Distressed Property Specialist, Certified Mortgage Broker, Certified Loan Modification Specialist, Certified HAFA Specialist, Certified Factoring Broker, Certified Business Broker, Certified Cash Flow Specialist, Certified Factoring Specialist, Certified Paralegal, Certified LDA (Legal Document Assistant), and more.

As the CEO of a real estate investment and legal services company, Sarah has fought for various legal issues, including immigration, international trade, IT issues, business, and education issues. Sarah has also helped entrepreneurs and small business owners receive training in law and business investing.


As a non-profit organization CEO, Sarah leads an organization that aims to produce managers, youth leaders, and women leaders in the fields of IT and technology education through professional training courses. These women become leaders for mainstream American and Korean communities and also operate for profit and non- profit organizations.

Other of Sarah’s accolades include:


● CEO of MPS (Merchant Service Group)

● Meridian Payment system ISO partner of VANTIV, Worldpay, NPC, First Date, North American Bankcard, Harbor touch

● The principal of Meridian Institute of Technology (profit entrepreneur education, start-up education, and professional job training)

● CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management

● CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Investment Legal Group LLC

● Co-founder of United Realty & Management Inc.

● Owner of United Merchant Card Services (Sunnyvale CA, San Jose CA)

● CEO/owner of Liberty Finance Investment (Sunnyvale CA, San Jose CA)

● CEO of Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation (a non-profit organization)

● CEO of Christian Business Owner's Association Group

● Director of Christian Business Owner's Worship Services

● (More on the resume page)


All in all, Sarah is an extremely qualified candidate for political office, and as your representative hopes to put these experiences to good use!

Economic/ Entrepreneur
I want to create an entrepreneurial support center and start-up for economic growth and job creation. This facility would assist many entrepreneurs in acquiring better education in business, law, and investment in order to develop their businesses.
Job Creation
While it is good that the stock market is at all-time highs, many people are not enjoying a better personal economy. We should also focus on our local economy. We must create new good-paying middle-class jobs.
We will use a multi-pronged approach listed in the job creation plan which includes maintaining our ports and employer tax credits.
I will introduce a bill in the House offering a tax credit for companies that decide to not only hire but also train new employees. Apprenticeships not only help Americans obtain quality high-paying jobs with benefits.
Colleges and nearby employers should work closely to provide students more opportunities to gain the work-relevant skills that they want and society needs them to have.
I would like to help them by offering training sessions to help them secure a profitable part-time job in their free time. With successful completion, it can help provide a small salary for them until they graduate. This will allow the students to focus on their studies and prepare for the future.
We should be developing preschool programs for better education. Children who attend preschool have experienced substantial learning gains and are more prepared for school than children who do not attend preschool.
We should develop afternoon school education programs for children in order to provide early job placement or start-up education for young college students and job opportunities for working parents. Accountants can teach math courses for kids, painters can teach art classes, etc.
There are many retired seniors in District 33 that are well-educated professionals that could help their community in many ways. They could assist in after school programs as instructors to teach our young people about their former jobs.
These people have a wealth of knowledge that should be passed on to our younger generation while providing meaningful part-time employment for our seniors.
Foreclosure prevention is the first step. People who have lost their jobs and are unable to pay the mortgage may potentially become homeless. We can assist them in keeping their houses by making a program available to them.
If homeowners are foreclosed upon and forced to live in a homeless shelter, they cannot support themselves and keep their homes without some government assistance. Homelessness throughout southern California has reached crisis proportions.
The percentage of homelessness reported has risen by a staggering 16% during the past year alone, and it has started to threaten our well-being as a community.
I believe that the best solution is to provide vocational training and job opportunities for the homeless. It’s an example of traditional wisdom: give people a fish, and they can eat for a day; teach them to fish, and they can eat for a lifetime.
We need to allow legal immigrants that want to strengthen our economy a streamlined entry program. The process should be expedient, especially for those that want to invest or with academic or other specialized skills that benefit the United States.
I love this country and we should know that the people coming here love it too. We should welcome many, but we should also know who they are.
The surge of illegal immigrants across our borders cannot be allowed to continue.
Much of my experience has been in the medical field and I understand the health problems of America. The U.S. healthcare system has limited medical benefits, and I will fight for improved medical plans that will be beneficial for all Americans to make Americans more stable and strong.
Healthcare has been tied to employers for far too long. Employers offer health benefits because the current federal tax code exempts employer-sponsored health plans. Employees save money by buying health insurance through an employer using pre-tax dollars. This model no longer works for the multitude of self-employed people in the job market today.
Health Savings Accounts should also be made available to everyone. This account promotes savings and individual responsibility. When people are spending their own money they become better consumers which leads to more efficiencies in the marketplace.
Veterans face many of the issues that I am focusing on such as Unemployment, Small business/ Entrepreneurial Support, Lack of Education, Homelessness and Healthcare issues. Our veterans face enough challenges as they return to and should be given a priority as we thank them for their service.
We have plenty of highly qualified seniors who have retired. Housing in District 33 is not very affordable and it is going to be a problem for those who have retired. With an incentive such as tax credit, I am certain many developers and landlords will take interest in this idea.
Seniors that need our help should also be provided adequate residence at a reasonable cost. We can work with local hospitals, senior care centers, elderly care centers, and apartment owners to offer some affordable units with tax deduction as an incentive.
International Trade
We live in a world where global trade is necessary but it must be fair to the USA. America has just started moving in the right direction, making up for years of inattention and complacency with regard to the abuse of global rules by China and others. We run the risk of losing the gains we have made if we elect weak leadership.
Real Estate
Apartments should not be legally capped at the number of people allowed based on the current two plus one formula, which permits two people to occupy each bedroom, with one additional person in the living space. The Federal code is more efficient in that it focuses on the size of the apartment instead of rooms which can vary greatly in size. Eviction is a drawn-out process that should be streamlined through arbitration.
We should also research an insurance program for high-risk tenants, much like PMI is required form mortgages that do not have a 20% down payment. This insurance program could also be applied to vacancies in some instances.
Thank you for your interest in community development and learning more about the candidates for the 33rd Congressional District Council.
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