Dr. Sarah Liew shared educational issues and solutions with 7-12 k parents and students, and endorsed by parents and students 

Thanks for Your Endorsements through 33 District Meetings  

 Thanks for your Endorsements and Supporting  as Volunteers  


Edith, Brendan, Carrot, Andy, Alicia, Nasreddin, Inan, League, Alan, Minassian, Awen, Azer, Tannaz, Zayed, Tran, Rostand, Ettie, Lahooti, Robert Martin, Mohsen, Hossein, Larideh Avarzanrazi, Mohawwad, kazeweyhi, Neda, Wilson, Laura, Henny, Charlene, Jonathan, Fry, Glen, Cooper. Reche, Marinos, Dorillo, Jesus, Mariel, Catulong, Rubelyn, Manten, Agnos, Sucayre, Jessa, Judy, Michele, Ravelo, Jeremy, Dayao, Loen, Joan, Marie, Geselle Chiao, Allyn, Mae, Cagang, John, Donna, Milrose, Abayon,  Christine, Kisses, Nica, Anna, Marie, Kristine, Mark, Amoguis, Rea, Mae, Gisa, Rebecca, Laarni, Carmen, Zaire,...More than 100 persons not listed here called to voters to vote for Dr. Liew. Thank you so much all of you for the fight for America