Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

(D.B.A., Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Second Ph.D., Real Estate- Broker, LDA, Paralegal, Senior, & Education Pastor)

A dedicated and hard-working educator, entrepreneur and pastor whose vision is to help and support America’s next generation. My desire is to help the community to live to the fullest and reach out and give an opportunity to the less fortunate people.



Profit organization

 * Currently CEO of MPS (Merchant Service Group) VANTIV, Worldpay, NPC,

   -Meridian Payment system ISO partner of VANTIV, Worldpay, NPC, First Date, North American Bankcard, Harbor touch

   -The principal of Meridian Institute of Technology (profit entrepreneur education, start-up education, and professional job training for technology )

 * Currently CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management

   -Real Estate Investment, Real Estate brokerage & Apartment management  

   -The principal of Beverly Hills Realty Professional University (profit professional careers for entrepreneurship, real estate investment, start-up business real estate education and professional job training for start-up & set up new business for owner, real estate professional careers ( investor  brokers, agents,  )

 * Currently CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Investment Legal Group LLC

  - Global Investment Legal firm for E2 / E5  & Global legal service

 * Co-founder of United Realty & Management Inc.

 * Owner of United Merchant Card Services (Sunnyvale CA, San Jose CA)

 * CEO/owner of Liberty Finance Investment (Sunnyvale CA, San Jose CA)

Non-profit organization

​ * Currently CEO of Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation (a non-profit organization)


    -The principal of Meridian Institute of Technology (nonprofit entrepreneur education, start-up         education,   and professional job training for technology )

   -Principal of Meridian Professional University (nonprofit professional careers for entrepreneurship, real estate investment, start-up business education, and professional job training for start-up business owner, real estate professional careers ( investor  brokers, agents,  )


 * Currently CEO/ Senior Pastor of Global Jesus Mission Church ( a non-profit organization) 

 * Currently CEO/ Director of Global entrepreneur, women, youth leadership center ( a non-profit


 * Currently  Director of Christian Business Owner's Worship Services from Seoul South Korea(a non-profit organization)

 * Currently  Director/ education Pastor of many local churches Sunday school/ afternoon (a non-profit organization)-please see below churches name at Religious Affiliation


* CEO of Christian Business Owner's Association ( a non-profit organization)



I would like to impart my knowledge by helping the community and entrepreneurs with small businesses by providing training and creating new businesses.



Business Degree

 *Ph.D. Sales and Marketing Degree, Major Study for Non-profit and Profit Marketing and Sales at Newburgh University. ( 2019)

 *Certified Completion Harvard Business School (MBA) Online Major studied for certified completion Leadership Principal &  Entrepreneur Essential. (2019-2020)

 *Certified Completion Harvard Graduate School of Education (MED) Online Major studied certified of completion for certified leading change for School management. (2019-2020)

 *Certified Completion Recognition of Entrepreneur Accomplishment from University Southern California Business Expansion Network. (2006-2007)

 *Graduated D.B.A (Doctor Business Administration) Degree, major study for International trade and e-commerce information technology and finance at Pacific State University. (2003-2006)

 *Studied M.B.A /CPA at UC Berkeley, major studied for CPA for the financial manager. (2004-2005)

*Studied M.B.A, major Study for International trade and e-commerce information technology and finance at Pacific State University.( 2003-2004)

Theology & Christian education  Degree

 *Graduated Second Postdoctoral Ph.D. Biblical Preaching Degree, Major study for comparison of impact for public between the Leadership of Jesus' Biblical Preaching and Leadership of Political Leaders' Speech at Newburgh University (2019)

 *Finished Master of Christian Education at Calvin Bible College (1996-1997)

 *Graduated Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) at Calvin University (1996-1997)

 *Graduated Master of Art &Th M ( Master of Theology) at An-Yang University  Seoul Korea (1994-1996) 

 *Graduated Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) at Tea– Han University from Seoul  Korea (1990-1994) 



Law School Degree in the United States

 *Studied Juries Doctor (J.D.) from A-Lincoln Law School (2000-2001)

 *Graduated LDA( Legal Document Assistant) Courses from Pacific International graduate School of Law (2012-2013)

 *Graduated Para Legal Courses from Pacific International Graduate School of Law (2012-2013)


 Self-study English Literature  Degree, Interpretation/ELS 


*Studied Bachelor's in English Literature at YJ University from Seoul Korea ( This is self home study courses, students bought books and pre-recording professors lectors (1990-1994)  


*Studied Tesol/Teaching courses ELL/ELS English Teacher at Pacific University (2007-2008)

 *Studied for English Interpretation at Neo-Naim College ( 2000-2002)

 *Studied ELS California Language school (1996-2000)

  *Studied English translation at Sudo Interpretation Academy from Seoul Korea. (1990-1991)   

 *Studied  SAT English Yung -Dong  Institute from Seoul, Korea (1988)  

Nurse Education

*Graduated from American Technology College of Nurse Los Angeles the USA ( 1997-1998)

*Graduated from Saint Mother College of Nurse from Seoul, Korea.(1988-1989)


Professional Certification  


Real Estate, Investment

  1. Certified Real Estate  Broker

  2. Certified  Residential Specialist

  3. Certified  Commercial Specialist

  4. Certified Multi-family Apartment Specialist.

  5. Certified Real Estate -Investment Specialist

  6. Certified Business Investment Specialist. 

  7. Certified Short-Sales specialist

  8. Certified REO specialist

  9. Certified Foreclose specialist

  10. Certified Distress Property specialist

Mortgage & Loan

  1. Certified  Mortgage Broker

  2. Certified Loan mortification Specialist.

  3. Certified HAFA Specialist

Factoring, Business, Finance Cash Flow 

  1. Certified  Factoring Broker

  2. Certified Business Broker. 

  3. Certified Cash Flow Specialist

  4. Certified Factoring Specialist.


Legal Education  

  1. Certified Paralegal

  2. Certified LDA ( legal document assistant) 



Religious Affiliation


Los Angeles, CA, USA ( 1996-2020)

 * Sunday school director & Pastor at  Mi Joo Peace Church  USA.

 * Director of Sunday afternoon Art, Music School at Mijoo peach Church in the USA

 * Director of Sunday Korean language School at Mijoo peach Church in the USA

 * Sunday school director & Pastor of  Sassoon Church  USA.

 * Sunday school director & Pastor of  Hansuck Church  USA.

 * Sunday school director & Pastor of Elim Church USA.

 * Director of Saturday Math, Science, Art, Music School at Elim Presbyterian Church in the USA

 * Sunday school director & Pastor of Calling Mission Church the USA

 * CEO, senior pastor of Global Jesus Mission Church


South Korea( 1990-1996)

 * Sunday school director & Pastor of Calvary Church from Seoul South Korea.  

 * Sunday school director & Pastor of Holy Mountain Church from Seoul South Korea.

 * Director of Sunday English bile study & Language School at Holy Mountain Church from Seoul South Korea.

 * Sunday school director assistant & church officer of Jinja Church from Seoul South Korea.

 * Sunday school director assistant & teacher of Song Pa Church from Seoul, South Korea.

 * Sunday school assistant teacher at Sungkwang Church An-dong South, Korea. (During high school days)

Achievements in Business world(1996-2020)

* Many articles were written about my successful business stories that were reported through newspapers, radio, and television news such as Korea times, Korean Central, Ko-Am Sunday News, Kyocharo News, Hanmi Radio, and K-tan TV.


Educator of Profit Schools at USA & KOREA (1990-1998)

 * English teacher at Heidi Children Preschool and Afternoon School from Los Angeles, USA

 * University entrance exam instructor for SAT at Samsung Foreign Language Institute from Seoul, Korea.   

 * English instructor at To-Sung Language Institute for High school students and SAT from Seoul, Korea.  

 * English teacher at Hansoul Institute for Middle School Students from Seoul, Korea.    

 * English teacher at Ensoul Institute for Elementary School Students from Seoul, Korea.  

Medical field experience 

Study Medical field & working full-time intern(1987-1989) &  part-time hospital ministry (1990-1996) 

* She had an internship during nursing school, the courses required, she worked in the operation room, delivery room, intensive care room, general hospital room at Bag-gi General Hospital in Seoul Korea. I also served in several Korean university hospitals as a medical mission, praying for patience and attending to their needs. 


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