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Let's walk extra miles together


My mission as a political leader is to establish American rights, justice, and fight against poverty to ensure that America becomes more stable and strong. I AM FIGHTING FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, JOB CREATION, BETTER EDUCATION, BETTER HOUSING, HEALTH BENEFITS, AND IMMIGRATION.


I would like to share my top five priorities below. Let’s establish together, for America, a more stable and strong place to live today and for future generations.


1. Throughout my 24 years of experience, I  become a CEO and technology entrepreneur, a partner of many global information technology companies, and banking companies such as WorldPay, Vantiv, and First Data. I have served many entrepreneurs and their businesses throughout 147 countries. I have also served as chief executive officer of real estate investment management companies and brokerage corporations such as Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management Inc. Also as chief executive officer of legal and immigrant investment consulting at Meridian Beverly Hills Investment and Legal Group LLC. I have extensive experience contributing to the growth of the U.S. and world economy and job creation. I can carry out the right policy of strong economic growth and create new jobs to make Americans more stable and strong.


2. I am the CEO of the job creation and educational entrepreneurs 503 C non-profit organization, Meridian Legal Business Investment Wish Foundation. With 30 years of dedication to second-generation education, my mission has always been creating jobs through supporting education for future generations, entrepreneurs, and prosperous businesses. Also, for a stable workforce for the younger generation and giving job training and education opportunities for all ages to make Americans more stable and strong.


3. As the CEO of a real estate investment and legal service company, as your spokesperson, I will help fight for various real estate and legal issues, immigration and international trade, IT issues, business, and education issues. I will be supporting ethical laws and policies by making the right decision to make America more stable and strong.


4. Much of my experience has been in the medical field, and truthfully, I understand the health problems of America. The U.S. healthcare system has limited medical benefits, and I will fight for improved medical plans that will be beneficial for all Americans to make Americans more stable and strong.


5. I am a first-generation immigrant and a political candidate who fulfilled my American dream. I have aided the hardships of immigrants during my service for immigrants as CEO of my immigrant consult and legal firm since 2013. I will support new immigrants to open new businesses in District 33 to help economic growth, to create new jobs, and to be a spokesperson for the pain and hardship of all immigrants to make Americans more stable and strong.


Commitment and Solution for my district 33


Commitment and Solution Her commitment includes 30 years of experience as a pastor, educator, entrepreneur, real estate broker, CEO of global investment & legal services group, and non-profit director who supports communities and helps entrepreneurs create jobs for young people, women, the elderly, and early retirees. Dr. Liew pledges to help non-profits, solve homeless issues, and migrants' interests.


1) Through 24 years of experience as a global banking company and helping large companies and small business owners I observed that it's hard for entrepreneurs to save jobs and create jobs here in America. Thus, it’s imperative to create a program to help businesses, start-ups, and vocational training programs for women, young unemployed, early retirees, and veterans. We’re creating an entrepreneurial support center and start-up for economic growth and job creation. This facility will assist entrepreneurs in acquiring better education in business, law, and investment in order to develop their businesses. It is designed to help entrepreneurs create a wide range of computer education programs, marketing, funding programs, and youth internships that entrepreneurs need to meet the rapidly changing world. Small business is the backbone of the American Economy and we need to keep it strong.


2) We’re developing preschool programs for children in order to provide early job placement or start-up education for young college students before graduation, job opportunities, and working moms. It is for a better-gifted education. The biggest concern of working mothers is the strengthening of math and science programs during the 7-12-year-old program. Also, for working moms to be able to work longer without worrying about their children. In addition, we will offer a variety of educational programs for mathematics, science classrooms and skill development, high-quality recruitment, teachers, parents of students, and many educational benefits that can innovate future generations of education.


3) Homelessness is a problem that needs to be solved urgently. As a policy, the pledge is to establish a homeless prevention center to create jobs through vocational training, rehabilitation programs, policies to protect businesses that affect homelessness, various programs for cooperative homeless prevention, and to teach people who are in destitute situations to be self-reliant.


4) My 24 years of experience in the real estate industry will be a great tool to provide programs to build more affordable housing for early retirees' homeless problems and to help find employment for older retirees. In addition, we are committed to providing additional employment opportunities, start-ups, better health benefits, and social engagement welfare programs through the church, non-profit, and provide teaching opportunities in art, math, and science.


5) We will help to fulfill the dream of investing immigrants, encourage international trade, protect the rights of immigrants, and educate immigrant children. Dr. Liew has been helping entrepreneurs start their jobs for 24 years. Through the Center Program, which provides resolution and assistance for the problems of first-year immigrants, it is important to quickly settle in the United States through language education, cultural education, vocational education, and start-up education in order to fulfill the dream of children's education and to serve the community. Obtaining every opportunity is truly an American Dream.


The Election Camp is located in Beverly Hills.

If you are interested in making a donation or becoming a volunteer,

please contact Sarah Liew. Contact: (424) 332-3779 / (424)343-7025